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Newer homes are less likely to have high concentrations of radon.

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Question: Newer homes are less likely to have high concentrations of radon.
Top Answer (78% of 80 votes): False.

Answer: False
Explanation: Only if the proper measures have been taken to help displace the radon elsewhere.
Reality Property Inspections
Answer: True
Explanation: In most cases that could be true. Some builders are including mitigation systems in their homes from the start. To be on the safe side, have it tested
Four County Home Inspection Service, LLC
Answer: False
Explanation: Radon can be found in a new home as often as an older home.
Safeguard Home Inspection, LLC
Answer: False
Explanation: Newer homes can have faults in the foundation as well.
Moran Property Inspections
Answer: False
Explanation: Radon usually travels through the slab in the basement through small cracks and openings in the concrete.
Answer: False
Explanation: Levels depend on the location of the home, the risk does not change between new or old home.
InFocus Inspection
Answer: False
Explanation: There are several considerations for radon. New construction is not a factor.
Kairos Home Inspections
Answer: Unsure
Explanation: Depends on were you live.
Scheidt Home Inspection
Answer: False
Explanation: Age of the home has nothing to do with radon levels. It all depends on the soil types and minerals in the soil.
Worsley Inspections LLC
Answer: False
Explanation: As likely as older home.
Millyard Home Inspection
Answer: Unsure
Explanation: Radon is everywhere, and it depends on the concentration of uranium or Radium in the ground.
Contractors Corp.
Answer: False
Explanation: New or old most houses have some level of radon. Newer homes are sealed better for more energy efficiency. This actually can cause the radon level to be higher.
Best Choice Inspections
Answer: False
Explanation: Radon can be found in every home regardless of age.
Look First Homes, LLC
Answer: False
Explanation: It has more to do with the concentration levels at a particular location.
Vico Home Inspection
Answer: False
Explanation: Radon gas comes from the soil so the age of the home does not matter unless the home was built with a system in place.
Honest Home Inspections & Milwaukee Mold Inspector
Answer: Unsure
Explanation: In some cases new home are built with radon mitigation systems already in place, ask your builder for information about this. The only way to know your radon level is to test. Tests can be either short term (2-90 days) or long term (> 90days). Short term tests are inexpensive and available at the Health Department and local hardware stores. Test kits are also available at the radon hotline 1-800-SOS-RADON (767-7236).
Home Inspection Solutions
Answer: False
Explanation: Age doesn't matter.
Total Check-Up Inspections
Answer: False
Explanation: The age of the home is often no bearing on radon levels. Location of the house in areas where radon is present is the key.
J. Michael Simon, LLC
Answer: False
Explanation: This is true if they have been built with Radon mitigation designed into the structure. A new home is not a guarantee that radon is not present. Radon levels vary from area to area even home to home. The home right next store can have very low levels of radon and yours can be very high. Always wise to test.
ABC Home Inspections LLC
Answer: False
Explanation: Some newer more energy efficient homes may be wrapped too tight that the gas has no escape
A Better Choice Home Inspection, Co
Answer: False
Explanation: It's uncertain where radon gas comes from.
Your Home Property Consultants
Answer: False
Explanation: Depends on where the home is located.
Clearview Home Inspections Eccl.9:10
Answer: False
Explanation: Radon is typically in concern area's of the country, there is a site with map showing where the higher amounts of Radon Gas is found.
OnSite Home Inspection, LLC
Answer: False
Explanation: Radon gas has been found high in both new and old homes. Newer homes tend to be tighter constructed for insulation purposes, but has not solved radon gas yet.
Corley Home Inspections, LLC
Answer: False
Explanation: New Construction is certainly tighter than older, less efficient homes which helps to lessen infiltration. Unfortunately, if Radon is underneath in a quantity, it will usually find a way inside.
Certipro Home Inspections
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